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Liquid-filled Adaptive Eyeglasses Help Millions with Good Vision

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Founded by James Chen and Oxford University Professor Josh Silver in 2004, the Oxford-based technology company Adlens aims to develop and commercialize the new-invented liquid-filled adjustable eyeglasses to the developing countries. Adlens strives to address the unmet need for refractive vision correction and pursuing commercial applications of the adaptive lens technology. Today over 1 billion people around the world need but actually lack the access to affordable eyeglasses. Seeking to provide for this need, Adlens has created a set of specs affixed with fluid-filled lenses whose magnification can be adjusted with just a simple turn of the dial! See the photo!

A clever invention for eye vision and well being, the ingenious lens could prove to be particularly useful in the developing world, where resources for vision care are scarce or priced beyond the ability of the consumers. Some people suggest it is also very helpful for youngsters whose vision worsens quickly within a short period of time, to eradicate the chance of buying new rx eyeglasses too constantly.

Adlens make the stock of a large amount for a unique lens for different RX obsolete, and the creative liquid lenses can be adapted to thousands of different prescriptions. Since very little expertise is required for adjustment, this makes the sharing a pair of glasses with others possible and without harming anyone’s eye health.

The first actual consumer vision-correction device in this concept and tech is an adaptive reading glasses. A US private company called Adlens Beacon Inc, in 2008 was granted the sole license in marketing this product.

Present version of adjustable reading eyeglasses only address the needs from people with the same RX in both eyes, as we see from the photo there is only one dial at the side of the frame.

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